How to Negotiate On Jewelry

Gold and silver prices are currently very impressive. despite what you might think, silver and gold are doing well right now and even jewelry made from such precious metals are highly sought after. The truth is buying silver and gold jewelry can be doubly special; on one side you have an exquisite piece of jewelry and on the other hand, a very impressive investment. There has never been a better time to invest but what about negotiation on the price of the jewelry? Read on to find a few tips that can help you during your negotiations.

Do Your Research on Costs

You have to know what you’re talking about in order to get the best deal on your jewelry. For instance, you have to know the latest silver and gold prices but if you are buying jewelry with other precious stones then you have to know their values as well. Silver for sale is very popular and there are lots of silver rings and bracelets and necklaces for sale also, however, you have to think about the real value over the jewelry as a whole. You aren’t going to get a thousand dollars off your expensive ring if you have expensive diamonds or stone settings. When you know these average current costs now then you are in a better position to negotiate.

Ensure You See a Certification of the Jewelry Piece (Including Diamonds and Other Stones)

Every authentic and legal diamond is inspected by the GIA – the gemological institute of America or the IGI – International gemological institute so that they are grated and certified. Before you hand over any money, you must first ask to see these certifications. If the jeweler is not willing to show you these, do not buy. You must know what you’re getting before you buy and it doesn’t matter if you know the current Gold and silver prices if you aren’t getting to see the certification. This is important for your negotiations.

Buy in Cash and Let the Jeweler Know you’re paying in Cash

Sometimes, jewelers are a lot more willing to negotiate when they know they are being paid in full and in cash! For some reason, the costs can be higher overall when you buy via credit cards or with a store card and it’s wise to think about paying in cash. More jewelers will be happier to negotiate when they see cash in their hands at the end of the day so make a point in saying you would like to pay by cash. Looking for silver for sale is simple enough but paying is cash can be cheaper at the best of times. Check here.

Get the Best Prices

Despite what you might think, it is very much possible to get a good price for your jewelry pieces even when you’re buying an expensive piece. There are lots of little tricks for you to look into and you can get a great price no matter what you choose to buy. Don’t worry about negotiating as many jewelers will be more than happy to do so if it means a sale. Always know the latest Gold and silver prices so you get a fair price.

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