The Difference in Gold and Silver : Paper and Physical in times of Crisis

If you experience only one message you ought to take away from your gold and silver prices, and then please allow it to be this one: ensure you accumulate physical gold and silver, as much as you are able. This message applies to you to individuals, families, investors also companies.

Ideally you have a very core holding of actual gold or silver:

You can accumulate gold and silver prices- bullion in the form of 100g bars, 250g watering holes, 500g or 1kg watering holes.

Where to buy the gold and silver?

You can buy silver and gold coins like the South African Krugerrands, the Hawaiian Kangaroo, the Swiss Vreneli, your Canadian Maple Leaf or the American Eagle. All of us like Global Gold, some Swiss buy & retail store service, that is operating completely outside the banking system and offers an authentic service.

A new, simple and trusted way of owning gold and silver prices is possible via some online programs. The advantage you have been that you pun intended, the risk of storing the platinum. We like Hard Assets Alliance.

Paper vs. Physical Gold and Silver

One significant aspect of the physical market that is usually overlooked is the advanced it commands over place price. Right before the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the Silver spot price fell only USD 9 per ounce. of., whereas the price of an 1 oz. Silver Eagle was around USD 17 within the wholesale market and even higher within the retail market! That is an expense premium of 188%!

Avoid wherever possible paper gold or gold. At least be very wary when you do and so. Paper gold and gold became very popular for their ease of use; they do not come without challenges. Yes, there are simple instruments just like the ETF’s GLD and SLV that one could buy on the stock market, but again be mindful. As a general theory, you should remember to own your silver and gold outside the financial system.

Do you need expert advice?

Then try one of the recommended newsletters & expenditure advice. If you accumulate physical silver and gold on a steady schedule, by timing your expenses (gold and silver prices), you will be extremely happy in after some duration. Click here.

  • You’ll see things about you deteriorating while your wealth and purchasing electrical power remains unaffected.
  • Think about the satisfaction you’ll have when it eventually becomes clear you were before the risk and ahead of the herd.

It has recently been a tense, volatile and dramatic fortnight to express the least. Inside volatile fashion, the Shanghai Composite Directory crashed and “recovered” once the Chinese government tighten margin requirements for speculating and then subsequently banning major investors from selling shares for a few months, ordering state companies to acquire equities and “allowing” more than half of the listed companies to suspend trading.

Nevertheless, amidst all this, just what do we see within paper markets?

The VIX, a volatility index within the S&P500, was rather unfazed nonetheless hovering around its lows for the 13 to 14 handle, the S&P500 recovered in dramatic fashion to come back towards its highs inside the 2100s, the spot cost of Gold fell for you to USD 1147/oz. the price of silver per ounce- spot price of Silver dropped to USD 14. 65/oz. How does this be? You may ask. The reason is that for those products listed above, the value movement was utterly driven and dominated because of the paper derivatives market.

In this particular dichotomy, the key question remains – precisely what is the difference between keeping paper vs. physical Gold and silver during times of situation?

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